Poppies: A Powerful Reminder

20141103TowerPoppies001 copy2

With Remembrance Sunday fast approaching, I felt it only necessary to visit the Tower of London and the beautiful poppy display whilst on my visit to London this week.


Undeterred by the wet weather and my lack of trusty umbrella, I battled my way to the front of the crowds to take in the spectacle.


And what a spectacle it is.  The vast display blankets the grounds, the intricate poppies’ vibrancy making all the more powerful when set against the pale Towers’ bricks.


The sea of red is a powerful and stark reminder of the incredible loss of lives suffered as a result of the war.  Even with the incessant dripping of rain, and the unwelcome prodding of brollies in the head, back and face, I was grounded to the spot.


I think the tribute is a fitting and beautiful way to remember those who fought for us, and it made me all the more proud to wear my poppy on my chest.


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