Brrr-illiant! Lapland comes to London

Northern Lights

Come 1st November and I’m sat in a Christmas jumper listening to WHAM’s ‘Last Christmas’ and craving mulled wine and tinsel, while everyone around me scowls and insists: “It’s not Christmas yet, it’s only November!”

Well I don’t care. I love the build up to Christmas, and this year CosmosHolidays and London’s ICEBAR agreed with me.

On 20th November (well and truly into the Christmas season!), Vicky Philpott kindly invited me and a collection of other bloggers to the ICEBAR in celebration of holidays in Lapland.

Name labels adorned and suitably named cocktails in hand (‘Death in the Arctic’, ‘Northern Light’ and ‘Suicide Blonde’) and the evening was in full swing.  After an hour or so’s mingling, we were ushered to the Reindeer Lounge for what was to become a hectic battle of the bears: in groups of three or four (or in our case, five), we were given an hour to sculpt a polar bear from a large block of ice.  Easy, eh?  Ahem.

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As the pro before us unveiled a sceptically impressive ‘one I made earlier’ our confidence took a battering.  Aided by yet more cocktails, however, the cries of encouragement, and an obvious eye for carving, our super team of sculptors chiselled an impressively detailed (yes, Chris and Emma, the ‘fur’ was the cherry on top of the cake) bear that won the title of best in show!

Our triumph continued as we made a swift transfer into the Ice Bar itself.  With warming ponchos draped over us, I was literally bursting with excitement.  At -5°C all year round, the bar is a room walled by crystal clear ice with a touch of cobalt hued lighting that matched our metallic blue ponchos.  Everything is made of ice, from the bar itself to the tables and chairs, shelves and glasses (though do be careful of the ice glasses.  They’re so cold, I’d personally recommend downing the entire drink in one to avoid lip freeze, or gently sipping it to avoid dribbling. Your choice.).

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All too soon and our 40 minute time slot was up.  Back in the Reindeer Bar, the drinks continued and delicious canapés were served.  Thawing out nicely, the organisers took this as their moment to tell us a little about Lapland and the holidays Cosmos offers.

In summary, Lapland is the ultimate festive getaway.  It is Santa’s ACTUAL home, it has snow, it has reindeer, it has the incredibly beautiful Aurora Borealis (the northern lights), and it has husky rides followed by warm and glowing fires in secluded little wood cabins.  What could be better than that?

WHAM, eat your heart out!

Here’s a little video, just reiterating how awesome Norway is:

Why I shoot Lights at night from TobyLoc on Vimeo.


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