Health Products For Travellers

Aloe Vera Sports Products

As a great believer in using natural products over chemical ones, these Forever Living Products are great.

Starting with 100% inner gel (pure aloe), they add just enough ingredients to produce and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Their products include drinks, supplements, skincare, personal care and cosmetics.

For travel, I can personally recommend a number of products;

GellyAloe Vera Gelly – This little tube of goodness can alleviate the symptoms of any number of ailments.  From scratches, sunburns, bites, and any kind of abrasions, this beauty can help.  It soothes and heals in no time, it doesn’t smell, it’s nice and smooth and it really does work.

Lip Balm

Aloe Vera Lip Balm – If the Gelly is a little too large, this tiny tube of healing is perfect for slipping in your backpack, bumbag or (even) bra.  Firstly, your lips will look luscious and lovely wherever you are in the world, and secondly, its natural goodness can help with little cuts and sores, including bites, cuts, dry skin and more.

SunscreenAloe Sunscreen – At factor 30 this bad boy will keep you protected in any heat, whatever your skin type. It rubs in easily, it’s waterproof and it doesn’t smell.  I’ve been using it for the past seven years and haven’t got sunburn since.  It’s gotta be doing something right, right?

Sunscreen SprayAloe Sunscreen Spray – A little smaller than the standard sunscreen, this spray is a lighter deal.  It’s actually a little more waterproof, but feels are little… plastic-y?

Deep HeatAloe Heat Lotion – If you’re into your adventure sports or fun-filled activities, you’ll be needing this lovely lotion.  Travelling straight through your skin and deep into that sore tissue, Aloe Heat Lotion soothes only the areas that need soothing, heating only the damaged or aching muscles.  Plus, it smells divine!

Hand SanitizerAloe Hand Sanitizer – Because a lot of the places you’ll be visiting, here or abroad, can sometimes lack in the hygiene department, this little tub kills 99.99% of germs and will keep you clean and fresh.  It may be small, but it’ll last a long time and as an extra bonus, it doesn’t smell like pure Russian Vodka but has a hint of lemon and lavender in it for a sweeter, more pleasant smell.

SoapAloe Hand and Soap – This all in one soap may be slightly on the larger side, but it is easily dispensable and if you bring it with you, it can act as a hand soap, body wash, face wash and even helps get out stains (if you’re quick enough!).

Aloe Vera Beauty Products


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