A Quick Chat With Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman

You once said that travelling is in your blood and you can’t live without it, but when did you first discover your love for travel?

I was really lucky as a child, my father (John Boorman) is a film director and we travelled around the world with him from an early age.  Dad was always getting us into his films because we were free extras!  I was so privileged to be able to travel as a child and when continuing my career as an actor.

You’ve visited some fairly dangerous countries, like Afghanistan and deepest, darkest Russia where you spent the night with men armed with guns and drinking vodka, but what has been your most terrifying moment whilst travelling?

Hard question, there have been so many scary moments on my travels but the most recent was in South Africa where I was filming my latest series, South African Adventure. The Sani Pass is this road through the Drakensberg Mountains and it’s really icy.  The car began to slip backwards and we almost went off the edge of the mountain, we all had our hands on the door handles ready to bail – it was seriously terrifying!

Charley and Ewan McGregor

You travelled around the world by motorbike with your mate Ewan McGregor.  For you, what makes a good travel buddy?

Ewan is probably my ideal travelling companion, we’re both so passionate about motorcycles and we have had some incredible experiences together. During LWR and LWD we saw some unbelievable places and had such a great time together.

You are away from your wife and kids a lot whilst travelling which must be quite tough, but what is the most difficult thing you’ve done while away from home?

The most difficult thing about being away for long periods of time is of course being away from my family.  Your mind is occupied throughout the day but at night when you’re alone I do really miss them.


You’ve taken the Balkan Express, ridden elephants and the Orient Express and have driven around the world on a BMW bike.  But what has been the most uncomfortable mode of transport or journey?

The most uncomfortable was probably riding the elephants!

And your favourite?

Of course it has to be a motorcycle!

Read the full interview at My Destination.

Charley and his bikes


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