A New Life in London

London Town

Eight Months. Eight stinking months of commuting five hours a day and I’m finally moving to London.

‘About bloody time’ doesn’t quite cover it.

Emerging into the big wide world fresh out of uni, I ventured to My Destination as a super keen intern back in early September.  Taking only a day to win me over, I committed myself to a full six-month internship at the online travel guide and before my internship was up, I was invited to stay on in a permanent position. Yay!


However, with student debts, overdrafts and a measly intern wage, I was no way near ready to make the move to the big smoke. Now, after three months as a full-time member of the team, my time has come.

Next weekend I’ll be packing my suitcases and shipping myself off to our country’s capital for good.

Any boy do I plan to exploit it!

As a sucker for London I’ll be spending my weekends and evenings as the biggest tourist around. With endless attractions, nooks and crannies, London’s sites are as new to me as the darkest depths of Borneo.  With my video camera, DSLR and iPhone at the ready, I’ll be traipsing the streets like an explorer on acid.


Up The Shard


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