Hen Party in Paris

Eiffel TowerAh, Paris.  The city of love, the Louvre and… ladettes?

In early May, six girls and I will be boarding a train at King’s Cross St Pancras to the French capital for a hen party in Paris.  My only experience of Paris so far has been two trips to Disneyland as a young child, and a school choir trip in my teens.  Both trips under strict supervision, I have a feeling this year’s visit will be slightly different.

Luckily for Paris, the girls and I are fairly well behaved.  Yes, we may be going for a hen party, but we are not the sorts who cavort around in luminous pink veils, drinking from phallic straws and flashing our ‘L’ plates in sober people’s faces. Definitely not.  Instead, I see our impending trip as a somewhat gentle escapade about the city, frolicking in the sunshine and basking the elegant culture.  I hope.

On day one, travel money and travel guides in hand, we will make our way to Pont des Arts to put a padlock on the famous bridge for the happy couple in question. (N’awww).  We’ll next have a leisurely wander along the Seine towards one of Paris’ most famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower.

Making the most of a night out in the city, we’ll doll ourselves up for a swanky evening on the tiles (minus the aforementioned ‘L’plates, straws and veils, of course). Sipping on cosmopolitan cocktails in luxurious bars and elite clubs, I imagine we’ll give the infamous Sex and the City girls a run for their money.

Arc de Triomphe

With (hopefully) fresh faces, our second day will start with a bright and early trip to Montmartre where we’ll take a guided tour with Discover Paris before a spring-inspired (totally NOT cliché) picnic in Jardin des Tuileries.

Giving the bride a bit of leeway, we’ll then do one of the following three options; shopping along Champs Elysees (hopefully not this choice as I’m not sure how far my travel money will stretch!); a scavenger hunt at the Louvre (goodness. This is where things could get messy); or a sensible visit to Arc de Triomphe

Getting a picture-perfect view of the Parisian skyline, we’ll spend our second and final night taking an evening cruise along the Seine before living like locals in Paris and whipping up a typically French culinary masterpiece in our very own apartment. (Because, of course, we’re all fabulous chefs. *cough cough*)

As I said, dear readers, I’m fairly confident we’ll pull off this grown-up getaway with ease and style.  But then how often am I right?

Stay tuned to find out…


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