Travel Blogger Encounters: It’s the People that Make Travel Special (Part 1)

The lovely Lizzie Davey included me in her most recent post: Travel Blogger Encounters. Check it out!

Wanderful World

You may have noticed a couple of posts recently about the encounters on my travels. I shared some of the encounters I had when I first got to Istanbul, the first place I had travelled to alone, and the emotional encounter I had at the Srebrenica-Potocari memorial site in Bosnia.

The way encounters enhance the travel experience, be it a brief conversation, a show of local hospitality, or a chance meeting, has really interested me lately. To delve further into it, I asked a number of my favourite travel bloggers to share their stories about an encounter that made an impact on them whilst travelling.

Some stories are heart-warming, some are inspirational, and others are humorous, but each one confirms the idea that it’s the people we meet that make travel so special.

Because I received so many lovely responses, I will split them up into a couple…

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