An uphill push…

Skiing downhill is easy, but how many of you can say that you’d be willing to strap a couple of planks to your feet and push yourself up a hill?

That’s right.  Nordic skiing, also known as cross-country skiing is for the fit and healthy.  Unlike the alpine skiing, Nordic involves skating on longer, thinner ski’s across flat and hilly terrain.

Originating in the Fennoscandian countries in prehistoric times, Nordic skiing is now popular the world over, specifically Europe.  To begin with, practitioners would use the skis to get from place to place but over the years it was developed into a hunting method to shoot elk or deer.

In honour of it’s past, Nordic biathlon competitions consist of a shooting round.

You can experience Nordic holidays in Iceland, Norway, Lapland, Sweden or Finland to name but a few.  You can even stay in Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel!



2 responses to “An uphill push…

    • Oh yes! I much prefer downhill skiing. Luckily for me, being heavier helps in downhill skiing! I’m sure you’ll have a great time 🙂

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