Sit back, relax, and f*ck it!

For those of you who just want to tell your daily stress and strain where to stick it, you may well be in need of a ‘F**k It’ week away.

What could be more idyllic than a weeks stay in the picturesque surroundings of Urbino, Italy?  The Hill That Breathes is the epitome of escapism, offering yoga, Qigong, detox and a best possible place to say f**k it.

The Hill That Breathes isn’t your everyday retreat, however.  If the thought of a strict regime, with those ridiculously early starts where by the end of the week you’re sick of that silly dawn chorus, do not fear.  The Hill’s team quite likes a lie in, actually.  And food.  In fact, they like it so much you’re positively encouraged to gorge on their ‘delicious’ Italian top nosh.  And if that wasn’t brilliant enough, it’s flippin’ healthy food too!

These holistic hillbillies focus on the feel good factor. “There’s as much emphasis on pizza as there is on peace, as much giggling as there is contemplating.”  Yes yoga is good for you, detox is good for you, (and if you’re lucky enough, Gaia may show you her ‘thing’!), but the piece d’resistance (or should we say, piatto forte) is the holiday vibe – ‘to relax, take it easy and enjoy’.


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