Arthur’s seat is not quite Mount Everest but being the highest peak in Edinburgh, it is quite the trek to the top!  This 350 million year old volcano lies dormant just outside of the main city.  Renowned for its stunning views, the seat is the perfect vantage point of the city and is as easy to get to a trip on the bus.  Don’t forget your bucket and spade though, as the volcano itself sits right beside to the North Sea!  For those without, there are always the lochs on the way to the top in which to have a cheeky paddle!

Not only does Edinburgh have one volcano (who’d have guessed?!) but it has two! However it may be a little harder to spot as, sitting on top of it, is quite a lot of brick. A whole Castle load in fact.   Yup, I mean Edinburgh Castle; the most visited site in the city, sitting at one end of Edinburgh mile, leading to Holyrood Palace at the other.

And along that mile you can shop till you drop every Saturday morning at the local Farmer’s Market with wild boar, fish, locally brewed beer and liqueurs just to name a few of the products on offer.

From the old to the new, Edinburgh covers it all.  It’s not wonder so many people hold a torch for Scotland’s capital city…Maybe that’s why it was the first city in the world to have its own fire brigade?


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