Piping Live! Festival

Bagpipes.  Those big bags with long pipes coming out of them, usually spotted attached to a man in a skirt?  Ah yes, you know what I mean.  Well, head to Glasgow on 8th of August 2011 to spot literally thousands of ‘em!  This festival, owning the title of Best Cultural Event and Best Traditional Event is a true taste of Scotland’s rich culture.

Here you’ll get more than just an eyeful of Scotland’s most famous instrument at the Piping Live! Festival. You’ll see (and hear) the best of the best as the annual piping and drumming competitions draw in artists from all over the world.

The start of the week entertains with the younger musicians in solo competitions, before the grand finale in the form of the World Pipe Band Competitions, at which point you’ll have seen every tartan under the sun and you’ll know your Benyhone from your McDuff!

For those of you who are big (lunged) and brave enough, you can even try your hand at the art in the workshops and masterclasses.   Although, if you go along to enjoy the music itself, you can dance the night away, sing till you’re blue in the face and laugh till your sides split at the ceilidhs, street performances and concerts.

Whoever said tradition isn’t fun? Without meaning to blow Scotland’s own bagpipe, (sorry, trumpet) it certainly wasn’t the 8,000 pipers and 30, 30, 000 strong crowds to turned up at the 2009 event, earning the festival the Best Large Event Title from the Scottish Event Awards.

It is obvious then, why this prestigious event is judged by an experienced panel of industry professionals with the need of hundreds of Scotland’s top even organisers to put it all together.

However great though, Piping Live! is by no means the only event Scotland has to offer in the summer months.  I’m betting you’ve all heard of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but what about the Wickerman Festival?  Dubbed Scotland’s alternative music festival and likened to Glastonbury, this weekend long festival climaxes with the burning of a 30ft wickerman!  Alternative indeed.


Photos credit –

Piano Piano!


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