Great Scot!

For such a small country, Scotland has bashed out some rather astonishing talent.  From actors, to poets, to singers, there have been quite a few great Scots.

The most famous of all, no doubt, is Mr Robert Burns himself.  I mean, how often do you meet someone who has an annual evening of fun and frolics named after them?  Well, not all that often in fact as Burns died in 1976, but you can still visit his birthplace in Alloway, which has been transformed into a museum. Popular man, eh?

To be fair, he did earn these perks for his satirical poems and songs, one of which is Scotland’s unofficial anthem, the well-known Auld Lang Syne, and is regarded as the national poet of Scotland.  It’s no wonder that the man was voted as the Greatest Scot in 2009!

But not all the greats are dead.  Annie Lennox is alive and kicking butt, being named ‘The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive’ having sold over 80 millions records worldwide.  Then there’s spy we all know and love, Mr James Bond, who was played by the highlander Sean Connery a whopping seven times!

Not bad for a wee country, eh?

Photo credit –

Robert Burns

Annie Lennox


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