Surfing in Lacanau

Beach bums assemble!  If you thought you had to spend a fortune to fly all the way to Hawaii to catch a good wave, look no further than Lacanau, France.  Just forty minutes away from Bordeaux, the town is popular with surfers all year round and holds an Association of Surfing Professionals surf championship in August.  The ten mile beach is divided up into 6 beaches;Alexandre (best accessed by bike as furthest from town, but those waves are well worth any extra peddling), Campings (the closest beach to the campsite – unzip your tent and roll onto your board for some serious morning surf), North(Lacanau Surf Club ensures plenty of surf totty or competition spotting along this stretch of beach), Central (boards and towels litter the sand in the summer months, especially when the August Lacanau Pro competition is underway),South (not such a pretty beach for the posers, but the place to be to get a great session) and Super South (not so easy to rock up to, but some decent waves make up for the extra walk).  For surf shops, food and drink, head to Central where the beach front is covered with bars, cafes, and brasseries.   If you are a beginner surfer, don’t be intimidated by the amount of surfers hogging the waves as lessons are available and held in the calmer waters to curb those wipe-outs!

To see the best of the best, head down in August to catch the Lacanau Pro Surf Sooruz tournament for an adrenaline filled experience with beach parties and live music as the evenings wind down.  If it’s the hustle and bustle of an electric atmosphere that floats your boat, the summer months and particularly August will be perfect what with the night life under full swing and a real wave chasing craze in the air!


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