Europe’s Adventure Playground

A life of backpacking doesn’t just mean bumming around the Far East sipping Sangsom buckets and sunning it up on beaches.  In fact the hugely diverse cultures and languages and incredible varying landscapes can all be found in a little area called Europe.  Being the second smallest continent on earth, experiencing Europe’s best bits is as easy as hopscotch.

For all you exercise buffs aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work, Switzerland’s vast mountain ranges are not only for skiers and borders in the winter, but is an absolute must see in the summer with endless lakes and sky high peaks offering stunning views and the ultimate Heidi-style back drop.  So for a good ol’ trek, climbing Switzerland’s 4, 478 metre Matterhorn has certainly got to be done – it may not be Everest, but it is one of the biggest in the Alps!

Croatia is quite possibly one of Europe’s most picturesque countries.  The old part of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice lakes boasting nature at its best are just two of the country’s top spots, where rustic architecture meets the Jungle Book.  If it’s archaic architecture, like Dubrovnik, that rocks your socks, Greece’s Meteora will definitely knock you for six!  Meteora, meaning ‘suspended in the air’ is in the Plain of Thessaly and shows off old monasteries set hundreds of feet high on a bed of rocks and is the epitome of historical architecture.  Not only is there Meteora, but the many rustic towns all over Greece, many of which are set alongside white sandy beaches and the beautiful blue seas of the Mediterranean – another plus for you sun worshippers!

Old towns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so why not try Holland?  Rotterdam is known for its contemporary art and fashion as well as the peculiar Kijk-Kubus; a skyline of cube shaped houses!  And let’s not forget the country’s capital city of Amsterdam as after all its night life and the infamous red-light district attract thousands of tourists every day and can hardly be called traditional!  Don’t worry if you do want to see the historical side of things but don’t want to miss out on Holland, there’s still the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, and Hagues; the home to Het Binnenhof, the hub of Dutch politics and stunning parliament buildings.

The epicentre of culture and history and probably one of the most popular places in Europe is Italy which has something for everyone, whether it be ancient Roman temple, romantic gondola rides down the canals in Venice, wine tasting in Sicily or bronzing your bod on the beaches, you’ll never be bored.   So gather your mates and start hopping about to experience Europe’s adventure playground!

Photo credit –

kevin dooley

AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker


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