Celebrities in London

So this week has been a bit of an exciting celebrity adventure!  Since coming to Warwick Avenue just two and a half months ago, I have spotted a rather impressive number of celebrities in London.  I have glimpsed TV presenter Alex Zane having a cheeky pint, actor Rafe Spall from One Day and Shaun of the Dead doing his daily shop, and one half of Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel queueing behind me in corner shop.

But Monday, however, was to trump all these sightings in just one afternoon.  I may not be a horny young boy, but wandering past the oh-so-gorgeous Kelly Brook on my way to Tescos was rather exciting, not to mention infuriating for all the guys in the office who missed her.  Then, a mere hour later, guess who rocks up at our office front door? No other than rock legend Brian May from Queen. Yup.  It may have been brief, and it may have been a mistake on his side (he was looking for the office next door!), but it was kinda magic.

And yes, his hair really is that big!

So, if you want to see celebrities in London, it seems Warwick Avenue is the place to be.


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