Olu Deniz – Resort Guide


Most beach breaks follow the same pattern – sun, sand and sipping on cocktails.  For something extra consider Olu Deniz.  From deck-chair-dozing to white water rafting; there’ll never be a dull moment. 

Finding the ideal beach break can be tough. With today’s easily accessible destinations and cheap airfare, finding a comfortable resort is as easy as pinning the tail on the atlas..

But if it’s a winning combination of fun and relaxation you’re after head to Turkey.  The Olu Deniz beach resort offers the best paragliding location in the world, a range of local  watersports and a variety of day trips further afield.  For good reason the resort is one of the most photographed in Europe – the peacock blue Aegean Sea framing the pebbled beach lends a postcard-perfect backdrop.  As a national nature reserve building is prohibited – an embargo that ensures the resort offers unspoiled panoramic views over the sandy bay and Babadağ Mountain and which ensures the famous Blue Lagoon stays blue!  Lining the beach are convenient shops, cafés and restaurants, with kids clubs in many of the local hotels.

Top 5 things to do – 

  • Paragliding 

Leaping off the 2000-meter high Babadağ Mountain will definitely make for an experience worth telling over and over again.  Tandem jumps last around 45 minutes, landing on the beach – conveniently close to the nearby bars for a well deserved, stiff drink!

  • Walking

Highlighting Turkey’s varied landscape, active visitors relish the trails in and around Olu Deniz.  High mountains, mule tracks and strips of sandy beach provide an array of routes and walks.  Avoid the warmer months if you plan on venturing far.

  • White Water Rafting

This daring ride will exhilarate even the most experienced rafter – with grade four rapids, the Dalaman River is well known for it’s vigorous rapids.  With routes that cater for all abilities, participants can raft together in groups or alone.

  • Sea Kayaking

Take a tour of Turkey’s turquoise coastline in a relaxed and unique way.  Unlike boat tours, sea kayaking allows you to explore the shores at your own pace with the option of snorkeling in the calm, clear waters.

  • A Day Trip To Dalyan

With so many activities on offer, it is easy to forget that holidays are meant for relaxing.  On a day trip to Dalyan, enjoy mud baths by the river, take a lazy lunch by the water’s edge or spot Caretta Caretta at Turtle beach.

Bar recommendation 

Buzz Beach Bar –

Sip on ice-cream cocktails and piña coladas on the Buzz Beach Bar’s rooftop deck.  Set beneath a canopy of lanterns, this seafront hotspot is popular among holidaymakers for its live music and exotic beverages.

Restaurant recommendation 

Beyaz Yunus Lokantası –

For authentic, fresh dining, look no further than Beyaz Yunus Lokantası.  Ten minutes from Olu Deniz, the restaurant’s Sunset Bar is the perfect place for a pre-dinner aperitif before feasting on a spectacular seafood mezze overlooking the moonlit bay.

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