Travel Bucket-List

Expect additions…

1. See the Seven Wonders of the World

2. Climb Kilimanjaro

3. Dive in Mexico’s cenotes

4. Dive in Ningaloo Reef

5. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

6. Live somewre with an interior red brick wall

7. See the Himalayas

8. Walk with a Cheetah

9. Care for a lion

10. Bath an elephant

11. Wing Wak

12. Drive down Route 66

13.  Bungee jump (Royal Gorge bridge/South Africa)

14.  Skydive (over Everest?)

15. ZeroG experience (or equivalent)

16. Rio Carnival

17. Shark cage diving

18. Amazon cruise

19.  Amazon walking tour

20.  Travel for my writing (paid)

21.  Go to Uluru (Ayers Rock)

22.  Equator

23.  Swim with dolphins

24.  Swim with sharks

25.  Save some turtles

26.  Ski La Grave

27.  Become a ski instructor

28.  Swim in the Ganges

29.  See the big five

30.  Get published

31.  Take part in La Tomatina

32.  Hang from Torontos CN Tower

33.  Area 51

34. See the Northern Lights

35.  Go on a sleigh ride

36.  Go on a husky sled

37.  Ride/fly a helicopter (over Kauai)

38. Igloo village, Finland

39. Learn another language fluently

40.  Live abroad for a year

41.  Attend an Olympic Games

42.  Drive the Great Ocean Road

43.  Climb Pacaya Volcano

44.  Float in the Dead Sea

45. Sandboarding in Dubai

46.  Learn to tango (in Buenos Aires?)

47.  Watch a shuttle launch

48.  Party in Mardi Gras

49.  Ride a Gondola in Venice

50.  Walking tour of Rome

51. See the mountain gorillas in Rwanda

52. Whale watching

53. Go whale watching in the Arctic

54. Watch the Pamplona running bulls

55. Blue Lagoon

56. New Year in Sydney

57. See a tornado

58. Learn to surf

59. Ride and elephant

60. Zombie March

61. Eat in an underwater restaurant

62. Bora Bora Bungalow

63. Track driving

64. Sea kayak

65. Be in a movie

66. Climb the Eiffel Tower

67. Notre Dame

68. Swim in the Devil’s Pool

69. Go to the Opera

70. Quit smoking

71. See the Salt plains in Bolivia

72. Stay in a Mongolian hut

73. Ride a camel

74. See the Pope

75.  Climb the leaning tower of Piza

76. Spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

77. Stay in the Ice Hotel, Sweden

78. Cuddle a Koala

79. Participate in a protest

80. Learn to ride a motorcycle

81. Grand Prix

82.  Ice Skate in Central Park, NYC

83.  See the Cirque du Soleil

84. Go to Auschwitz

85. Go to Red Square, Moscow

86. Go to Easter Island

87. Pick a flight at random whilst at the airport

88. Grand Canyon sky walk

89. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

90.  Start/run a business

91. See an eclipse

92. See Los Glaciares National Park

93. See a Polar Bear

94. Niagara Falls & Victoria Falls

95. Go to Harry Potter World

96. Swim with manatee

97. Jump off a cliff


6 responses to “Travel Bucket-List

  1. Really great list although a bit too heavy on swimming for my taste.
    I read you list to compare what would/ should maybe listed on my bucket list and found mine sorely lacking

    • Thanks, Ttomkat! Yeah, mine’s a little long. The trouble is, I keep finding things to add to it! Uh oh…

    • Oh definitely. My list is ALWAYS changing. And there are hundreds of things that I’ve missed off of the list which are on a mental list, so I’m sure it’ll keep on changing forever! Is yours on your blog?

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