D-Day for the Dead?

Bristol’s annual Zombie Walk may have been jeopardized due to trouble makers setting off fireworks within the 3,000 strong crowd at this years event, resulting in the possible banning of the event.

Eye witness and victim, Iza Dzisiewska,42, said: “My family and I were at the back of Debenhams, leaning over the railings watching hundreds of Zombies coming out of the tunnel from the Bearpit…out of the blue I felt some- thing hot on my calf and then noticed a commotion. I looked down to see thick smoke and flames, sparks. Confused, we all jumped up onto the wall and I noticed it was a rocket spinning.”

Iza’s family, including her sisters’ two young children and her elderly mother were sent into a panic before fleeing the scene.

She said: “My tights were melted and I had two small burns.  My children’s jeans were singed and my sisters’ trousers had burns at the bottom. My nephew was in hysterics for 25 minutes.”

Rhiannon Roberts, a founder of the walk which had so far re- mained peaceful since its start in 2006, refused answer my questions, but wrote on the Bristol Zombie Walk Facebook page that: “We wanted fun, only fun. It was only ever about fun.

“This statement is for the pricks who set of fireworks in the crowd …the prick who climbed on the police van, and all of the pricks that joined in after. Thanks. Because of you, that’s it. It is over. We will not be able to do this next year.”

Iza said: “It shook us all up and was really upsetting. I know for certain that my sister and her son will never attend another event like this in Bristol.”


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